Who knew the future of coffee in retail would be so successful?

Slightly less known retailer, The New Black is a fresh model of café that uses the most advanced technology in coffee making. The exciting outlet breaks with the tradition of bulky espresso machines on high counters which separate the baristas from guests. Instead, stainless steel benches house Modbar and Alpha Dominche brewing systems, with the major hardware sunk into the bench and hidden out of sight to reveal sleek looking taps and brewing crucibles.

Located on Philpot Lane, The New Black concept was conceived after founder Phoa Kia Boon identified a space in the market for a premium brand offering ‘business class’ service.

The store has integrated the use of retail technology and developed interactive apps for iPads in the outlet that feature the entire menu, biographies on every coffee, tea and food pairings, artisan in the collection, and Taste Wheels designed to help customers better understand the different flavour profiles of each coffee roast. All payment at the outlet is cashless.

‘From the outset, we aimed to deliver a premium and bespoke coffee experience that meets the increasingly high standards of modern consumers. This meant being forward thinking and adopting the best technology in coffee-making to not only deliver a consistently perfect cup of coffee but an efficient and seamless customer experience,’ says Kia Boon.

Well, we think its just fantastic!!

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