5 Minutes 
Marcin Kosinski.

Marcin (003)


Marcin is the newest member of the ISI Global Poland team. Here we grab 5 minutes and learn a bit more about him.


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Vision, Mission & Execution

What’s the highlight of your career so far?

8 years as Creative Director at Alrec In-Store, 3 years co-creating the brand Quan Garden Art

Which brand would you choose to work with if you could and why?

SpaceX, because they create the future.

Where is the best place you have visited in the world?

Val Thorens in French Alps in the winter – still can’t forget the views from the top of Europe.

Favourite restaurant?

Powidok in Lodz https://www.powidok.lodz.pl/

What does the future of retail look like? 

I don’t know yet, but let me open my 3DS Max 😉

What is your favourite brand and why?   

Don’t have one favourite. I support brands that are honest and fair (quality/price/eco-friendliness).

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. 

Since 2007 I don’t have a TV at home.

Favourite programme currently?  

YouTube channels of Scott Manley and James Hoffmann.

If you didn’t work in retail design what would you be?

Automotive designer.

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