5 Minutes 
Ria Cresswell.

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Ria is the newest member of the ISI design team. Here we grab 5 minutes and learn a bit more about her.


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Bubbly, Unique & Inquisitive

What’s the highlight of your career so far?

Any time I get to see something I’ve worked on come to life is a highlight for me no matter how big or small the project!

Which brand would you choose to work with if you could and why?

Tik Tok because I waste enough time on their app already.

Where is the best place you have visited in the world?

The rainforest in Costa Rica.


Favourite restaurant?

One of my favourite meals I’ve ever eaten was at Gaonnuri NYC. However, I am partial to a cheeky Nando’s 😉

What does the future of retail look like? 

Experience driven.

What is your favourite brand and why?   

Hard to say, but the first brand that came to mind was Drunk Elephant, although ask me next week, and that could completely change.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. 

My family and I were on an episode of Wife Swap when I was 8.

Favourite programme currently?  

Doctor Who.

If you didn’t work in retail design what would you be?


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