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Tom Bartlett.

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Tom joined the digital team at ISI Global around a year ago now. Not only is he a bit of a whizz-kid when it comes to motion graphics and digital design but he’s a pretty cool guy too. Here we grab 5 minutes and learn more about the man behind this creative genius.


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Determined. Creative. Fun.

What’s the highlight of your career so far?

The beginning of it. I started out in London interning at ad agencies both big and small before getting my first gig at WPP. My exposure early on in my career quickly shaped my knowledge and understanding of digital and it’s worth to the consumer and client. More recently, our work at ISI Global for HP’s premier flagship experience in Milan was a fantastic project to be part of. It was great to see how our hard work and shared efforts came to fruition. In particular the interactive hotspot table, informative video walls and of course the outstanding store itself. It was a real pleasure working in such a dynamic and professional team with a fantastic client.

Which brand would you choose to work with if you could and why?

Samsung. Having worked on similar consumer electronics brands in the past such as Microsoft and Huawei I have a good understanding of the strategy that goes into producing the finished result whether that be an animation, a social media post or live capture film. Business to consumer accounts are always fun and often very creative to work on. Also, I’m an android fan so I’d be in good company.


Where is the best place you have visited in the world?

New York. The architecture, people and sunsets are something to behold.

Favourite restaurant?

Pho! The restaurant space is highly creative, with murals on the walls, low-level lighting and textures you want to touch. It’s all about the experience for me. The good food is a bonus.

What does the future of retail look like? 

Retail design is forever changing and adapting to cater to the consumer, the way they want to shop, and how they want to interact with their favourite brands. Digital plays a huge part in this, too, with the rise of online shopping. Immersive technologies and digital experiences go a long way to bind together the physical and digital interactions our consumers demand. We’ll be seeing a lot more brands navigating the digital space. Interactive and immersive tech in retail will become even more prevalent. The future is already here. Blink and you’ll miss it.



What is your favourite brand and why?   

Go Pro. What started out initially as a highly ambitious small business has now become the fabric of many sports, services and consumers. With the rise of content creators and vlogging Go Pros have taken the audience to places they could never reach before and the best bit is you can see it through their own eyes. So whether you choose to be on top of Everest or in the middle of a war zone, you now can.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.  

I’m a big music fan and enjoy travelling the UK to see acts perform their music live. The whole experience inspires me. I once worked as technician recording bands and regularly put on live music events. When I’m not watching a band play I’m often writing and playing music myself. Currently I’m recording and producing an album of songs.

Favourite programme currently?  

Breaking Bad. The level of writing and direction is jaw droppingly good. A modern classic.


If you didn’t work in retail design what would you be?

An architect. Architecture inspires me and I’ve always been fascinated by design both old and new. The attention to detail, functionality and aesthetics all play a huge part in a successful piece of architecture.

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