A Festive Update.


'Tis the season.

With Christmas just around the corner, brands and retailers will have been frantically working around the clock to get their seasonal promotions and campaigns on the shelves ready for the whirlwind of shoppers that flood the high street, on the lead up to Christmas day.


The Beauty of 
Digital Integration.


We recently posted about our collaboration with Next where we designed, developed, produced and installed the new interactive diffuser display, which uses ‘place and learn’ technology to educate and drive customer engagement and with Christmas just around the corner it was time to update the display ready for the holiday season.

The beauty of a digitally integrated display is that they are super easy to update and here at ISI we not only have the ability to design the content and help create the story, but we are also experts in installation too, whether that be implementing the physical display in store, or rolling out digital updates via a content management system.

Flexible Solution.

Festive in Minutes.

When creating the initial display for Next we designed it with flexibility and longevity in mind, offering the brand an easily updateable solution. Christmas marked the first update for the display and once our digital design team had created the new content it was just a case of simply uploading it and putting it live.  Quick, easy and festive in minutes!


Clear Benefits.

Digital Integration may mean a greater initial investment, but with so many clear benefits, including being easily updatable, providing interactive, educational and engaging customer experiences, and offering analytics and data-driven insights, not to mention increased profits, it’s hard to find a reason not to go digital.

How far will 
you go?

So, whether it’s simply adding a digital screen into a POP display, designing a standalone interactive solution, or creating a fully immersive retail experience, digital retail is always the answer… The question is how far will your brand take it?