Brooks retail

Brooks Breuninger Image 3

This bespoke display was designed, developed and produced within a two-week deadline. This required exceptional creative-thinking and innovative engineering. This completely unique concept was created for a premium retail environment, using temporary materials. The display helped launch two Brooks running trainers for the FW18 season, showcasing DNA AMP shoe technology.  This in-store display was a special execution for a premium department store in Stuttgart –Germany called Breuninger. This store predominantly targets upmarket shoppers with a focus for keen running enthusiasts.

Brooks Breuninger Image 2

The main structure was made from a mild-steel base plate and frame to ensure there was enough strength to support the 1800mm x 1300mm Foamex graphic and an oversized cut-out running man, which was layered to create depth and bring the visual to life.  We had to develop a high-quality display that was able to capture the elements from the visual campaign ‘Outrun Yourself’ and provide stand out in a busy retail environment. We used a 2x2m floor vinyl to better command the retail space and positioned 3 shoe towers at dynamic angles to disrupt shopper flow across the area.


Our marketing objective was to educate consumers on the benefits of DNA AMP (a Brooks shoe integrated technology) for both Levitate 2 and Bedlam shoes. We designed our 2 large shoe towers (one focusing on Levitate & one focusing on Bedlam) to feature large eye-level educative graphics, clearly promoting three key features (RTBs) for each shoe. The DNA AMP logo was consistent across multiple assets within the area to reinforce the feature, along with a short descriptive summary of DNA AMP technology as part of the 3D backwall elements.