Glocalisation in Retail: the art of adopting local culture to create a more meaningful, personalized brand connection.

Glocalisation is an important concept in marketing today, and brands are embracing the concept to increase their market presence and cater to the needs of local consumers.

Glocalisation is a combination of global and local strategies in which global brands adapt their approach to meet the needs of a local market while still maintaining their global brand identity. Through glocalisation, brands are integrating local culture into their products and services to create a unique connection with their local customers.

There are many ways in which this concept can be implemented, from tailoring the marketing strategy to reflect certain local trends to creating special editions of their products that are specific to the local market.

This article explores how ISI Global has integrated this concept in-store for HP in an authentic way that has enabled HP to create a more meaningful and personalized connection with their customers.

The insight

Well known for its festivals, diverse architecture, nightlife, and contemporary arts – with stencils, graffiti, murals and collages which can be found all over the streets, Berlin has been called “the graffiti Mecca of the urban art world.”

Fragment of the East Side Gallery in Berlin, Germany

Our idea

We decided that the most authentic way to reflect the local culture was to incorporate a contemporary art piece in the latest HP store located in the Alexa shopping Centre, Berlin.

Due to the shared values with HP: original and innovative thinking, we have partnered with a local well-known artist: @bondtruluv to create an authentic graffiti installation. The graffiti wall features a vibrant mix of colours and designs that are inspired by Berlin’s street art scene and HP’s sustainability efforts. The piece offers an interactive experience via the use of an app, allowing consumers to view the artwork in an animated, digital format.

The piece is prominently displayed in the store, and it has helped to create a more welcoming and engaging shopping experience for customers.


Alongside the local approach, the space not only promotes HP’s core product offering covering Print, Premium Computing & Gaming, but it was the first time that the brand have showcased the HyperX range in retail.

Other key features include a new Sustainability Wall, which highlights HP’s longstanding sustainability focus. The central unit presents facts about HP’s efforts to improve climate action, human rights and digital equity; and allows consumers to view their sustainability report and further information via a QR code.

Talking to the retailer, Boris commented: “We very much welcome HP’s initiative. Local communities are becoming more important to people than ever before. To reflect part of Berlin’s culture in our store is such an innovative way to stir our customer’s senses and create a genuine connection.”


HP Gaming POD

Echoing Boris’ comments, ISI Global’s Head of Creative mentioned: “When designing and opening a new store, it is important to consider the shared values of your customers. This means understanding what is important to them and incorporating those values into the design of the store. For HP’s Lighthouse Berlin, ISI Global looked at incorporating some of the brands most important values:

  1. Care for local communities – delivered via the graffiti wall.
  2. Brand Heritage – delivered via digital screen that take consumers through the journey of HP in years
  3. Sustainability – delivered through immersive experiences with both physical and digital elements.
  4. Innovative technologies – delivered through the product presentation, communication tools and immersive gaming bunkers which allow consumers to test the latest products

ISI are very proud to have supported HP with this new concept and look forward to the next location”