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Motion Control.

By incorporating an optical hand tracking module into a display, it is possible to create an interactive zone or area in-store that enables shoppers to connect with digital content without the use of physical touch. The device is not only small in size, meaning it can be easily integrated into retail fixtures but it works with a great level of precision and recognises the natural movement of users’ hands and fingers from up to 60cm away. The device also has an accessory component which supports the use of virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Motion control mockup

Touchless Activation Buttons.

Touchless activation buttons offer shoppers the freedom of an interactive retail experience without having to compromise personal hygiene. The buttons have built-in sensors that detect movement in close proximity. By hovering your hand above the button, within 0 – 20cm, a trigger will be activated and interaction with the media content will start, whether that be playing video content, changing music tracks or adjusting volume levels.

Touchless Activation buttons

Projection Mapping.

Unlike traditional projection, where content is projected onto a flat screen or surface, projection mapping uses colour, imagery and even animated content to transform any 3D shape or surface into an immersive visual experience. Whether it’s projecting branded animations, transforming retail interiors or creating standout experiences to support product launches or pop-ups, projection mapping technology can bring almost any retail space to life.

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