Our Expertise

POP Display.

We create bespoke Point of Purchase for some of the world’s biggest brands across multi sectors. As POP specialists, we design, develop and produce temporary and permanent POP displays and deploy them globally.

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Temporary Display.

Temporary display solutions are designed to be cost-effective whilst maintaining a high-quality look and feel. Our design and technical team specialise in combining aesthetics and budget to ensure the commercial value is met. Whether it is an FSU, CTU, shelf, or wall display, we can provide innovative solutions which are lightweight, easy to assemble, with simple delivery to your retail space.

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Permanent Display.

We help translate your brand at retail.  We work with multi-materials to provide permanent retail displays which are designed to stand the test of time in the fast-paced retail environment.  We can provide a one-off bespoke solution or a large-scale roll-out which we can produce here in the UK or at one of our partner production facilities in Poland or China.

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Semi-permanent Display.

Because semi-permanent displays can live within a store for several months to a full year, they are great solutions for seasonal promotions or new product launches to raise awareness and draw attention.  Our displays will guarantee that your brand is always given the best possible representation, irrelevant of the duration of the campaign.

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Prototyping is an essential part of the development and production process which allows time for any amendments or value engineering suggestions. This will then ensure any commercial advantages are realised prior to production and rollout. We welcome our clients to our production facilities to view and sign off prototypes prior to production.  This is fully supported by our project management and QC teams.  Our manufacturing facilities are capable of facilitating short-term and long-term production requirements.