Project Description

A Shop in Shop Store Design

We have been working with the world’s largest photographic and imaging company, Fujifilm, on designing, developing and installing a shop-in-shop experience in camera store, Calumet, London.


Project Details

We were briefed to design a concept store showcasing the new Fujifim’s X Series range. This was the first retail concept of its kind and needed to deliver more than an engaging look-and-feel. The key elements needed to be clean, unique and interactive ensuring customers felt involved and immersed in the Fujifilm brand.

Using Fujifilm brand guidelines, they wanted the store to incorporate a boutique theme with the latest digital technologies. The design needed to have modular elements to allow for movement and transportation to other stores. Fujifilm required 2 zones within the space to showcase various elements of their store proposition.

Our Understanding

Consumers electronic store experiences are evolving. To stay relevant in the current market, smart retailers are upgrading their stores to become lifestyle-orientated environments. Making the shopping experience easy and engaging consumers with multi-sensory experiences are vital.

The Solution

Utilising the space to its maximum, we focussed on immersing consumers in the full shop experience. Focusing on digital integration the store needed to perform commercially by facilitating navigation, product browsing and informed purchase decisions.

We integrated in-store zoning principles, eye-catching wall displays, focal category points and interactive elements.