QR codes 
in retail.


QR Codes.

QR codes in retail stores are definitely making a big comeback as mobile has quickly become the number one vehicle to reach, engage, and convert consumers.

With the rapid evolution of technology, it is of crucial importance to embrace and continue to stay ahead of the trend by combining new approaches to mobile integration, one of which is the use of QR Codes. Smartphone usage in today’s era has increasingly become a holistic part of the purchase cycle all over the world and, without a doubt, will continue to heighten in the foreseeable future. This has also become even more important with the global pandemic and post-lockdown rules of social distancing.  These rules look set to stay, so brands that can stay ahead and find multiple ways of engagement will be the brands that prosper.

Expect to see a move away from the standard black-and-white QR codes with more customisation and design to attract customers. The next few years will see this technology become more widespread and integrated into online, social, in-store, and campaign platforms.  




Still 50% of consumers who buy products online go to a store first

29% of consumers actually research products whilst in store

59% of consumers will scan a QR code whilst in an electronics store

36% will scan a QR code whilst in a department store

By 2022 it is expected that 5.3 billion QR code coupons will be redeemed by smartphones

This gives brands and retailers opportunity to push discounts and incentives live in order for the consumers to make the purchase.


ISI Global generate bespoke QR Codes.

As digital retail specialists, we have been providing brands with the tools to enhance their digital presence in stores.  We now have the ability to produce bespoke QR codes for our clients.

We generate our own QR codes can be generated to link to:

Websites, PDFs, Images, Videos and & more, each code can be individually edited in appearance, colour and layout, and we can also feature a logo in the centre of any codes

Each code is a dynamic code, which essentially means that we have the ability to update the linked material once the code is generated and printed.

We can track analytics data in real-time, which can give us the exact figures broken into the following categories – Scans over time, Scans by the operating system, Scans by Country, and Scans by City.

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