Retail as a Museum - reshaping the retail landscape.


Retail as a museum” has become a captivating trend in recent years, transforming stores into immersive, memorable experiences that rival those of museums.


The concept of turning retail spaces into interactive and educational environments draws inspiration from the world of museums.

This innovative approach has captivated brands and customers alike, revolutionizing the way we think about traditional brick-and-mortar shopping. Brands have realized that traditional retail spaces often fail to evoke excitement or a sense of discovery in customers, leading to a decline in foot traffic.

By integrating art installations, historical artefacts, and storytelling elements into their stores, brands are able to create engaging and memorable experiences that go beyond the transactional nature of traditional retail. This trend aims to foster a deeper connection with customers, triggering emotions and forging lasting brand loyalty.

Some notable examples include:

adidas - retail as a museum

On Running.

Flagship Store London Regent Street


One prime example of the retail as a museum trend is the On Running store in London.

This Swiss performance running shoe brand has created a unique space that immerses customers in a world of athleticism and innovation. The store showcases its cutting-edge footwear in an artful manner, with shoe displays that resemble sculptures and interactive installations that allow visitors to experience the shoes in action. By blending elements of sport, art, and technology, On Running has created an unforgettable shopping experience that appeals to both avid runners and design enthusiasts.

On Flagship Store London Regent Street

Victoria Distillery. 

Canada YYJ airport


Another noteworthy example of retail as a museum can be found at the Victoria Distillery in the Canada YYJ airport.

Recognizing that travellers often seek a unique taste of local culture, the distillery has transformed its retail space into a museum-like environment that celebrates the history and craftsmanship of its spirits. The store features vintage distilling equipment, informative displays about the distillation process, and tastings that educate customers about the flavours and characteristics of their products. This immersive experience allows travellers to explore the brand’s heritage while indulging in a memorable retail experience.

Tomas Dosil, hospitality and experience manager for Victoria Distillers, told TPG. “The manufacturing at our Victoria Airport location consists of infusing, blending and bottling with a custom blending and bottling unit that uses circle-clad stainless steel and copper elements intended to mirror the stills at our parent Sidney distillery.”

Victoria Distillery Watch-your-bottle-get-filled-at-YYJ


The “retail as a museum” trend represents an exciting shift in the world of retail, as brands seek innovative ways to captivate customers and differentiate themselves from the competition.

By transforming their stores into immersive spaces that blend commerce with art, brands can offer customers a unique and engaging experience. The benefits of this approach include establishing a unique brand identity, increasing customer engagement, and generating social media buzz. Examples like the On Running flagship store in London and the Victoria Distillery in Canada YYJ airport demonstrate the successful implementation of this concept.

As the retail landscape continues to evolve, it will be intriguing to see how brands embrace the “retail as a museum” trend and redefine the traditional shopping experience.

Victoria distillery Museum retail
Victoria distillery YYJ
Personalised Gin Bottle - Victoria Distillery YYJ
On Running - flagship store London
On Running - 1st floor flagship London

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