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Tech in Retail.

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Enhancing the Physical Store.


Creating innovative and captivating retail experiences is more important now than it has ever been before. Online shopping has proved to be both efficient and convenient, and in a bid to entice consumers away from their handheld devices and the comfort of their couches, retailers are having to think outside the box and push the boundaries of expectation.

Gone are the days of simple merchandising and relying on a brand name alone – customers are looking for immersion, thoughtful design, Insta-worthy destinations and the use of digital technologies to enhance the physical experience.

This Retail Vision focuses on tech in retail and showcases a number of stores that are doing interesting things with tech to enhance the physical shopper experience.

Situ Live, London.


Turning traditional retail on it’s head, this exciting and immersive experience focuses on discovery and exploration. Visitors to the store can ‘try before they buy’ in this interactive playhouse, testing out all of the latest devices from the top brands and offering a digital path to purchase.


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Digital Playground.


The store is made up of lifestyle theatres and live demo areas including a fully working kitchen, a connected lounge, a home gym fitness zone, relaxation areas for sleep and well-being, mobile working solutions, adventures in transport and travel, hands-on gaming and education technology – so if there’s a product out there that might improve your lifestyle there’s a strong chance you will find it at Situ Live. If you need any advice on products whilst in store then you can rest assured that the team of expert staff will be on hand and able to offer guidance. Once you find a product you like you can simply scan a QR code, save it to your Situ Live favourites list, and buy online, it’s that simple! Cool concept!


WOW, Madrid.


WOW – it’s all in the name really!! Blending all things digital with the physical to create an exciting, innovative concept store, offering a space that reflects its online offerings through interactive systems. Six floors of theatrical elements that play to the senses and a constantly changing environment, in order to provide a fresh inviting space, keeping consumers interested and coming back for more. Starting with the lower floor, WOW harnesses the power of technology to combine human nature with the artificial, through landscapes of 3D-printed marine coral and augmented reality integration that blends tech with nature.



Tech Savvy.


On the next level is the “Self-Care Lab,” a pink-hued space with large statues, crafted to fulfil all your cosmetic needs. The three floors above that are dedicated to apparel and sneakers, with digital-native brands, established brands, and sports-focused brands each taking up a space of their own. Last but not least, the sixth floor is “Home Boulevard,” where WOW concept’s blending of physical and digital space really comes to life, showcasing homeware products and entering a mock metaverse where digital gaming is brought to life. This otherworldly experience definitely makes our ‘cool’ list!!

Aldi - Shop & Go, London.


From dingy discount store to one of the most popular food chains on the market, Aldi has really nailed their business model and approach to retail and the brand has come a long way over the last 30 years, so much so that they are going all ‘Amazon’ and are trialling their first checkout-free store! Based in Greenwich, the store allows shoppers to just pick up the products that they need and leave without having to queue to pay, in order to provide a more efficient and smooth shopping experience to the customers.

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How it works...



All about convenience, to use the store, customers just download the Aldi Shop & Go app and once a customer leaves the store they will then be automatically charged for their shopping via their selected payment method and a receipt will appear in the app. This store utilises the very latest in retail technology – a software from AiFi, which uses hi-tech cameras to track which items customers are picking up in real-time, meaning that they are now offering Aldi’s award-winning products and unbeatable prices to customers in a new and innovative way. Go Aldi!!

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