It's all plain 
sailing at ISI.


Team building.


Teamwork makes the dream work, or so they say and here at ISI we strongly believe in the importance of a united, collaborative approach. We are not just a group of people that happen to work for the same company – we are a group of people who share our expertise and experience but most importantly we are a group of people who share a passion for what we do.






In the name of keeping the spark alive, here at ISI, we regularly have team away days.

Our latest day of team building fun took place at Draycote Water Sailing Club, and what a day of fun it was!

Learning the ropes.


As majority of the group had never sailed a boat before we spent the first hour or so learning the ropes (literally!) Understanding the difference between the jib and the mainsail and practicing how to duck out of the way of the boom, we were ready! Fully equipped with life jackets, 30 minutes of strong sailing knowledge and some fancy sailing terminology, it was time for the serious part – The race!

The race was on.

Split into four groups, we were ready to race. ISI is made up of many driven, passionate characters who all like to win (who doesn’t?!) so as you can imagine there was a lot of competitiveness between the teams.

Successful sailing.

Two teams raced at a time and the winners raced the winners – I say ‘raced’ – there was a severe lack of wind resulting in the ‘race’ being painfully slow…. but we didn’t let this stop us and eventually a winner was crowned!!

We all had a great day out on the water, the sailing was lots of fun and of course we got to spend some time together as a group out of the office! All in all, a successful day!