Shark SIS Hamburg.

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Shop in shop.

As part of our ongoing relationship with Shark Ninja, ISI Global was asked to use their retail design services to develop & deploy Shark’s first Shop-in-shop area in Saturn Hamburg as part of their updated brand identity.


Dual Branded.

The area was to be dual branded showcasing an 80/20 product split of Shark & Ninja products and act as a pilot store for the brand.  Our design featured five integrated screens to educate consumers about hero products and a 4x1m demo tester area, which included a staircase for test and play. The design solution for the whole area was approached with longevity in mind, using interchangeable fixings, magnetic graphics and updateable content to provide flexibility for new product launches.


The Ninja brand pallet is reflective of a high-end kitchen designed to show the product range in context.  A screen reinforces the brand message and highlights features and benefits of the product.


Brand Identity.

The integrated Shark space was more functional for allow for maximum product display, storage and branded touchpoints.  The light blue colour pop highlights the fun element of the brand.

This store concept launched in 2020 but various retail lockdowns in the area have meant it can only be fully explored now.  We continue to work alongside Shark on a number of retail installations.