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Shop in Shop.

ISI Global is an expert in creating shop-in-shop areas for large brands within large stores across the globe.  Shop-in-shop spaces use retail design principles and provide a number of advantages for brands who wish to have their own space within a store in an area where a full store may not be possible.  In creating a shop in shop area, we effectively take the essence of the brand and recreate it in a smaller space.  Challenges such as stock load up, messaging and branding need to be overcome to give equal footing to all in order to showcase the brand and product in the best way.  We have built great relationships with department stores across the EMEA and have the required passes to survey and deploy within these spaces.

Saturn Hamburg 06


As part of our ongoing relationship with HP, we design, developed and produced a large shop in shop area with Saturns premium consumer electronics store.  Focusing on gaming we implemented an interactive and immersive space which encouraged consumer testing and playing.


Saturn Hamburg lt (1)


ISI was asked to design two impactful shop-in-shop areas within Sport Schuster Munich to help Brooks promote a new look and feel for their run Bra collection and cross-promote the launch of the new GTS Female shoe.

Brooks Sport Schuster.

Brooks Dare to Run3


To accompany this brand evolution, the GORE®WEAR division commissioned ISI Global to create a premium, modular retail shop-in-shop display to be rolled out across Evans Cycles and Ultimate Outdoors stores.



As part of our ongoing partnership with Brooks, ISI was asked to design, develop, produce and install a flagship 150sqft Shop-in-shop area for the opening of the Real-Buzz store at Piccadilly Circus. We designed a suite of furniture, including a 6m Sports Bra wall with integrated illumination, interactive touchscreens and digital displays, along with promo tables and apparel gondolas.

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