HMV's Oxford Street Revival: 
A Fusion of Nostalgia, Sustainability and Innovation.


London’s Oxford Street, with its rich history and vibrant atmosphere, has long been a hub of retail innovation and cultural significance.

Recently, its allure was further amplified with the reopening of HMV’s flagship store after a four-year hiatus, marking a significant milestone in the revitalisation of this iconic shopping destination. At the forefront of this revival stands ISI Global, a retail design agency committed to reshaping the landscape of Oxford Street through innovative collaborations and immersive brand experiences.

One of the standout features of HMV’s reimagined flagship store is the incorporation of distinct brand zones, each meticulously crafted by ISI Global in collaboration with industry leaders such as Sony and Marley. These zones not only showcase cutting-edge products but also embody the values and ethos of the brands they represent, creating immersive environments that transcend traditional retail spaces.

Sustainable Soundscapes

ISI’s collaboration with Marley goes beyond aesthetics. We have created a space where shopping becomes an educational and eco-conscious journey, aligning perfectly with Marley’s core values.


Marley Brand zone in HMV

Eco-friendly materials form the foundation of the space, showcasing a commitment to minimizing environmental impact. A captivating biophilic wall adds a touch of nature, further emphasizing the brand’s connection to the environment. This thoughtfully designed space transcends the realm of mere product display, transforming it into an immersive experience that sparks conversation and awareness about sustainability.

For music enthusiasts, the zone offers an interactive playground. Customers can test out Marley’s latest speakers and headphones, getting a first-hand feel for the brand’s exceptional sound quality. Additionally, strategically placed digital signage educates visitors about Marley’s commitment to sustainable music equipment and the impactful initiatives undertaken by the Bob Marley Foundation.


Harmonizing Past & Present.

In parallel, ISI Global embarked on a transformative journey with Sony to create a captivating display that seamlessly integrates with HMV’s industrial aesthetic.

With meticulous attention to detail, ISI Global conceptualized and brought to life a display that not only highlights Sony’s technological prowess but also complements the heritage and vibe of HMV. The incorporation of modern elements such as backlit graphics adds a touch of sophistication, creating an inviting atmosphere that beckons customers to engage with Sony’s cutting-edge products.

This synergy between ISI Global, Sony, and HMV epitomizes the seamless fusion of nostalgia and modernity, inviting patrons to embark on a journey through time and innovation.

Sony brand zone in HMV

The reopening of HMV Oxford Street marks a significant moment in London’s retail scene. This revamped space goes beyond being just a store; it symbolizes a celebration of London’s retail heritage and the innovation shaping its future. It also highlights how collaboration and innovation are driving change in the retail sector.

ISI Global are and always has been committed to pushing boundaries and reimagining the possibilities of immersive brand experiences. Join us in celebrating the blend of nostalgia and modernity at the core of London’s retail revival as we work towards a more vibrant and inclusive retail landscape.

Marley brand zone in HMV
Marley brand zone in HMV
Marley brand zone in HMV
Marley brand zone in HMV
Sony brand zone in HMV
Sony brand zone in HMV
Sony brand zone in HMV

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