Our Thoughts.

We are constantly striving to keep up-to-date with current retail trends and what the future of retail holds. There are a number of buzzwords we repeatedly hear, such as digital, wellness and athleisure. Sustainability has become a crucial part of public dialogue worldwide, and we are now seeing the crossover into retail design and the effect this industry is having on the planet.

As consumers become savvier, they are challenging their favourite brands to offer more of an in-store experience.

They are also a lot more conscious of the effect that the product and retail spaces have on the environment.



Sustainable retail agency.

The two now go hand in hand :

Sustainable materials and design are no longer considered the inferior choice. Instead, they can enhance the in-store experience.

With this in mind, we are working closely with our clients and suppliers to offer sustainable design solutions as an option. Whilst we don’t claim to be experts on sustainability and the environment, we are taking steps both as a business and for our clients, and we aim to be as responsible as we can moving into the future.

Going green 
in bricks & mortar.

Playing a role in sustainable practices is crucial for a brand to be favoured by the general public. This favour can be deepened into strong consumer relationships.

Physical stores are the 3D visual display of a brand’s identity and contribute hugely to maintaining a consistent brand image. This is why sustainability goes deeper than product and labour processes but needs to be applied to retail design.  Here are our tips to ensure retail design meets sustainability:


1)Use recyclable materials where possible

2)Consider how promotions will be updated

3)Focus on natural lighting

4)Use natural elements as part of your retail design (architecture)

5)Reusable bags and packaging

6)Paperless receipts

7)Communicate your sustainability efforts

8)Challenge design agencies to look for sustainable materials


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