Nightlife campaign


The nightlife apparel incorporates the only colour not found in nature and the reflective power of 300 candles, shedding a new light on the hours that runners can feel safe and seen.

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Running Works takeover.

ISI Global, through our long-standing relationship with Brooks, have an in depth knowledge of the brands approach. It is this detailed understanding, complimented by our historical experience including the initial creation of the Nightlife assets, that makes the fundamental difference when it comes to managing complex executions such as the Running Works takeover.

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Experience through products.

Running works is the largest independent running store in London and the perfect location for Brooks to showcase their latest campaign. From the sale of running shoes and apparel right through to biochemical analysis of your running style.



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Design elements:

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Having the entire store to design presented an exciting opportunity for ISI Global and required many creative components.  The store also hosts daily group runs and an in-house coffee shop creating a hub for all running enthusiasts to celebrate their sport.

A new light. 

In addition to the internal elements – an activation table, larger than life wall coverings and stairway banners which were successfully implemented.  ISI were also commissioned to design strong, attention grabbing window vinyl’s that would showcase the Nightlife campaign externally for the duration of the 10-week takeover.  With there being concerns around the longevity of using reflective vinyl’s, the design instead incorporated CAD cut gradient vinyls.


Stores x 100

The apparel style was mirrored in the graphics with the reflective pattern applied as a pattern throughout the store and window displays.


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Successful store takeover. 

The neon accents and bold campaign message ‘RUN REFLECT REPEAT’ create a vibrant theme throughout the entire store and the urban street-art style incorporated in the graphics lends itself to the environment perfectly, tying both the busy city location and the Nightlife story, together harmoniously.


"ISI Global's support has been pivotal with the roll out of campaigns and POS in the UK and Europe via the portal."

Brooks - EMEA Marketing Manager
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