Take it
& Make it.

JLP Branded Area.


Fujifilm recently asked ISI Global to get involved in an exciting new project to bring their “Take and Make” proposition to life in JLP SIS areas.

T4 camera
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Flexible Branded Area.



Located in the John Lewis Oxford Street store, the 3x2m space is conveniently placed just off the escalator on entrance to the photography department. With John Lewis staff requiring regular access to a promotional balcony/window which sits directly behind the Fujifilm display area, it was imperative that the foundation of our design was based on a moveable system. We created modular units that sit on casters to allow for flexibility which are securely held in place by a locking system.


The photo corner

3 Divisions.


Fujifilm wanted to incorporate all three divisions of their offering (Instax/X-series/Printing) into the space and although we needed to consider JLP’s look and feel, being fairly minimalist and clean in style, the brand wanted to inject a bit of ‘life’ into their display

close up slot

Product Testing.


Some visual adaptation and translation took place using Fujilfim’s House of Photography to dictate architectural and material choices. Avoiding the standard professional X-series presentation style of glass cabinets, we opted to present all cameras on alarmed security systems to allow consumers to interact and trial products and the addition of a large screen with rolling video content adds interest

Pop of Colour.



The Instax cameras sit on brightly coloured panels which effortlessly grab attention, while the adjacent Instax photo wall educates on possible print size and proportion outputs from the range.


The inclusion of a printing kiosk and displayed prints on the walls reinforce one of the key activation objectives. Fujifilm products enable their customers to not only take class leading images but also produce ultra-sharp prints on a multitude of different media. The ‘Take and Make’ Philosophy ensures that images don’t just live within digital storage devices but see the light of day, at home, in the office, in fact anywhere the taker chooses.

Power of Print.

front close


The space offers shoppers a seamless browsing, education, demonstration and printing experience. Showcasing the diverse product range that Fujifilm photography offers.

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