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Fujifilm Harrods Windows


Established in 1934, Fujifilm lead the way in the photographic world. Renowned for their technology and innovation they focus on enhancing the lives of consumers. It’s no wonder Harrods chose Instax to feature in their famous windows.


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Harrods Windows:

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This project marked the fourth year that Fujifilm have chosen ISI Global to design, develop, and produce their tech window display for Harrods. Each display that ISI Global have worked on has been created with a completely different look and feel to encapsulate the product aesthetic and target a specific audience.

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Striking impact.

The latest example of our collaboration with Fujifilm is a clean and simple design which embodied everything about the individuality of Instax. The premium look, the singularity and its striking impact with bold colours.

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This particular window showcases the new campaign “Fill the world” which was initially launched by tasking consumers to take instant photos, using the Instax cameras, to capture ‘honest’ unrepeatable moments. The campaign promotes an idea that in this ‘hyper-connected world ruled by social media’ it is okay to be yourself and ‘go against the grain’.

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Our window display execution was visually very impactful, reinforcing brand awareness and helping drive footfall to the dedicated area in store.

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ISI Global Quote

"The project uses ‘real’ photos to portray the campaign message in an inspirational and relatable way. The affirmation gives Instax a reason to have a place in the consumer’s life."

ISI - Account director
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