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EMEA POP Rollout


ISI Global were tasked with re-designing a family of interactive Nest displays to suit EMEA’s spatial constraints while promoting and introducing the brand in new & emerging markets.

Nest Hero_ (HOMEPAGE)


Innovative brand awareness.

Nest have made their mark on the smart home industry and are known for providing customers with innovative products such as smart doorbells, locks and thermostats which can be controlled via a phone.


Family of POP Displays.

Taking direction from the US market, ISI Global have re-designed and engineered a family of POP Display to suit both the design intent and varying retail environments.


Global markets

x 15

Key considerations were given to ROI, space availability, education and building brand awareness.

ROI x 11

Smart design.

The brief and objectives followed 4 themes:  Warmth and texture; We chose lacquered and layered warm pine plywood provided texture and tactile inference to the warmth of home.  Product affinity and consistency; Simplistic and clean matt acrylic and EPC metal was used to display affinity to the product and its values.  Durability, strength and security; The display needed to endure multiple handling across installers and couriers over long distance to stores as well as a life span of 3 years in-store.  Futureproofing; Quality materials were chosen and matched with efficient manufacturing techniques to reduce overall unit production costs.

Global Deployment.

We implemented this concept into global retailers including: Selfridges, JLP, Harvey Norman, Screwfix, B&Q, MSH, El Corte Ingles, Magnificos, BHV, Castorama, Fnac, Vanden Bore, BCC, Elkjop, Clas Ohlson, Power, Unieuro, MediaWorld, CEF & many more.


Gold Popai Winner 2018

Successful roll out

With clever engineering, our displays have sustained 5 x new product launches over 2 years in 14 different markets and 29 artwork variations.  The units delivered both an educational and interactive experience via secured demo products and touchscreens demonstrating the Nest app whilst increasing the nest brand and product awareness*. *survey conducted in the UK 2017 and Netherlands 2018.


"Due to ISI Global's skills and day-to-day delivery, this is the first time we have so quickly and efficiently produced such a reliable family of POS display. "

Nest Retail Marketing Manager