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Omen Digital Rollout


HP started pioneering digital in-store experiences as part of their sales strategy in 2018. We created a modular shelf display which was updatable to support product launches and immersive shopper experiences.


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Flagship stores:

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Bespoke digital content.

We have supported the growth of HP gaming brand Omen by providing bespoke digital content which highlighted the product ranges within the ‘Omen Gaming Family’ including gaming laptops, desktops and accessories.


Targeting gamers.

The content focused on product design, specification and performance to specifically target gamers.  This gave new and existing consumers an insight into HP’s premium gaming division.  The unique Omen brand identity was used to set HP gaming aside from print and computing categories.  We first story-boarded the Omen content to remain consistent to the brand ID whilst tailoring for the gaming target market.


Brand experience.

The end to end solution offers an elevated brand experience which encourages consumers to engage and purchase products. Content is written in various languages and can be edited once launched dependent on the individual markets engagement strategy.


Play smarter. 

Digital product information.

The Omen digital content was first trialled at the Retail Forum event before being rolled out into stores. We have provided shelf tray solutions, retail displays and shop-in-shop solutions for Omen which either simply provide digital product information or full shop-in-shops offering the consumer hands on product testing.

Global partner.

We have partnered with HP since 2018 on pioneering their digital in-store experiences and continue to provide content and in-store POS solutions throughout the world.

Digital partner:


Omen content is a success!

Using our Omen digital content in-store, HPs gaming division has been elevated and brand awareness across the world has increased. Omen are considered a serious player in the gaming market.

Designer Quote

"We love supporting HP on the integration of digital content for product promotions. Analytics give instant feedback meaning we can be reactive and provide instant updates. "

Designer - ISI Global