Premier Flagship Experience.

MediaWorld Tech Village Milan.


Continuing on from the great foundations put in place over the past few years delivering HP’s ‘digital future’ strategy at store level, we were appointed to provide an experiential flagship concept to launch in Media World’s highly publicized store in Milan.



Store Front

Immersive Space.



Working within a 66smq area the HP shop in shop blends physical and digital retail seamlessly to allow consumer interaction with both products and brand.

Hotspot Table

Social hub.


Our design showcases 4 HP categories; Gaming, Creator, Productivity and Mobility. The environment was largely urban but broken up by a large plant walls which layered in the essence of lifestyle and also gives a nod to HPs sustainability commitment.  The use of wooden materials and comfortable lounge area create a restful at home feel.


Digital wall.



The idea behind the concept was to create a ‘best in practice’ social space to engage shoppers by providing multiple in-store activities including personalization, events, workshops and product testing.  Central to the space is an interactive hotspot where consumers are invited to gain further understanding of the HP brand.  The most impactful part of this space are the digital screens. A total of 13 screens make up 3 video walls which offer an impressive backdrop to the HP space and can be seen across the wider Media World store.


Strong brand identity.



This SIS will become a benchmark for future stores across the HP estate.  It perfectly merges physical and digital touchpoints to allow consumers to test products whilst gaining knowledge of the HP brand via digital wall and interactive screens.