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It is not just Jabra’s bright colour that makes them stand out in the world of consumer electronics but the belief that form reflects function, engineering their products in a way that offers total freedom.

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Products Displayed


Raising brand awareness.

After winning the tender process to become a preferred supplier for Jabra, ISI Global’s first brief was to come up with a set of creative style guidelines to shape their future appearance within the world of Retail POS.  We also had to engineer a solution to display various products at one time, enabling consumers to differentiate between each product and the individual USP’s.


Key electronic retailers.

The displays needed to be uniform, providing a standardised look and feel whilst reflecting a tiered offering. From the basic level units through to more premium, high-level executions, Jabra wanted the brand presence to have a consistent approach in order to appeal to a variety of consumer electronic stores such as Currys, Elkjop, FNAC, hifi Klubben, Media Markt and Duty-Free stores.


Retail POS:


The number of products that Jabra wanted to display within each display presented a tough challenge and the fact that the products were wireless meant that security and presentation were a big consideration.


Innovative design. 

Innovative design meant that the different product types have their own individual frosted tiles holding them in place which can be removed and replaced independently when required.

Premium product displays.

Interchangeable graphics allowing for regular updates and live demo products were fitted with alarmed security along with the use of acrylic casing for protection.  Longevity was important as the units needed to stay in store for a number of years and accommodate future range refreshes.   Illumination and TV screens featured on some of the premium displays and incorporated rolling product information and a demo area to allow interaction and provide standout in store.


Global markets:

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Elevated brand awareness

Overall the retail furniture, although designed to suit different spaces and retailers, all reflect the same style features and are vibrant and eye-catching, working together to portray the same message and in turn strengthening brand awareness.

Design Studio Quote

"By creating a premium display unit we were able to elevate the Jabra brand and their product propositions to prominence. Retail focus was elevated in a competitive audio sector by presenting Jabra as a true category leader."

Creative Director - ISI Global