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HMV Play table.


The House of Marley brand is built on the principles of superior quality and sustainability which aim to enhance lives through great product experiences.



Marley Hero_v2

HMV Flagship.


Marley have supported HMV in their consumer electronics growth so it only seemed fitting for the quality brand to sit centre stage with this crafted play table in HMVs new flagship store; The Vault Birmingham.



Building a conscious brand.

Taking direction from the product we created this experiential play table to encourage testing and interaction, with the main focus on Marley’s conscious messaging around sustainability and environmentally friendly product.



Sustainable design.

Following the example set by the brand and reinforced with the product itself, we constructed the fixtures from recycled aluminium which gave the perfect housing to help the product stand out. Messaging helped elevate the product further with key features and benefits interspersed with sustainable call outs.

The clever design incorporates an eye-catching centrepiece where the product has been ‘exploded’ apart to highlight the different layers, providing an interesting way of explaining the material sourcing and story.


Product launches


The play table features 2 new product launches; Wireless headphones which are contained in their own hero display case, as well as fashion noise cancelling headphones, which can be trialled at the fixture.

We worked with Marley’s incumbent security system to help hero products whilst integrating into the display and maintaining the overall aesthetics of the play table.



Permanent presence.

Marley have been given permanent space in HMV stores and this play table will roll out and help HMV maintain their growth in consumer electronics as part of their resurgence at retail!


Designer quote

"We love crafting retail furniture for Marley and carefully consider the materials to fit with the brands ethos and to help elevate the product ranges. "

Matt Hardman - ISI Global