A pilot for interactive display.


Next Home are back in bricks and mortar retail in a big way. The opening of their impressive new flagship store at the Everards fields development in Leicester sets out the shape of things to come. It is within this store that we were invited to produce a world first for them, implementing an interactive digital/media shopper hotspot for Home fragrance. A pilot hopefully set to change the landscape of how shoppers are able to engage with product ranges in other areas of the Next retail store.

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Next Home approached us to look at how we could use our digital/media and shopper engagement skills to bring to life their home diffuser range in store through an elevated display solution.

New & Engaging.

Home diffusers has always been a large and popular category within the Next home store estate. The opportunity to buy scent for your home that sets a fresh mood is one that works well as an impulse or gifting purchase. While the obvious interaction offered through the lift and smell of these fragrances is a welcome experience, Next felt it was a perfect opportunity to drive a deeper level of shopper engagement and education through the display of digital media.

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RFID Technology.


The pilot unit integrates glorified product presentation with lift and learn RFID technology. Each of the fragrance products is fitted with an RFID chip which when placed in the illuminated hotspot triggers content to a large portrait LED display panel. Media content produced includes a summary of the product placed, information about the scent ingredients and other associated fragrance items the shopper may be interested in.




ISI were able to partner the Next Home marketing team and deliver the project entirely in house. From concept development, digital media asset creation, the construction and integration of hardware to delivery and set-up and testing in store.


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Sweet smell of Success.

Initial engagement and reaction to the unit has been brilliant. It clearly demonstrates the desire and commitment for Next to deliver interactive solutions in store that engage shopper in new and exciting ways. We look forward to partnering with them on similar projects in the future.

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