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Prizm Global Rollout


From the adept design, through to the ground-breaking production and deployment across EMEA, this concept creates high-visibility in store, telling a story through interactivity. It’s a great example of a fully modular display as the diverse concept lends itself to any store environment, optimizing space and providing flexibility.


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Cutting-edge technology

We created a concept that would allow consumers to easily identify product features, and engage with the cutting-edge Prizm technology.  We demonstrated the product capabilities by creating a layered consumer experience. Interaction is possible on different levels and by wearing the glasses provided and pressing buttons on the display they can choose to look at still imagery or video content.

Sport & Optical retailers

The target retail environment was mainly Sport or Optical Channels. With the majority being shop in shops within flagship or Ambassador Accounts. The units were rolled out to a large number of retailers across EMEA.

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EMEA Markets:

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The modular aspect of the design provides adaptability, allowing them to be positioned in the most impressive way enhancing the visibility, and encouraging consumers to consider the product multiple times as they move around the store.



Immersive experience.

The units are bold and distinctive and as a collective dominate the retail environment they are placed in. The use of clever illumination and media-screens grab attention and strengthens brand awareness.


Popai Gold
Award winner 2019

Increased ROI

The unit was designed to entice consumers to buy within the Oakley range or to upgrade existing sunglasses to those with Prizm technology. This ensured Oakley an increased ROI versus the unit manufacturing and installation costs. We achieved this by clear demonstration of how Prizm technology works, offering insight into an enhanced product experience and therefore aiding consumer to purchase or upgrade

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ISI Global

"We were extremely happy to support Oakley with the promotion of their new glasses range. The displays went on to win Gold at the Popai awards 2019"

Account Manager
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