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Reeling in Success.

Sales Meeting 2022


As part of our ongoing strategic partnership with Pure Fishing, ISI were engaged to bring to life the Pure Fishing Annual Sales Event 2022. This event was to be a launch platform for over 1500 new products across 8 brands and multiple product categories. Designed to educate the sales staff and demonstrate key product features to retailers, along with the promotion of a new suite of retail fixtures now available to order.



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Full Service.

ISI were involved in all aspects of the event, from initial design and layouts, development of a complete range of units and display stands, prototyping and manufacture, installation and de-install with plenty of detailed account and project management throughout, we had full responsibility to ensure everything ran seamlessly.

Based in the conference suite of a large hotel in Prague this event was to be the first of its kind on this scale for Pure Fishing and it’s success will be the benchmark for the annual event moving forwards.



A large percentage of all fixtures and overall stand structures are designed to be reused as a modular kit of display furniture for future trade events over the coming years.

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Storytelling & Engagment.


There were many challenges with such an intricate and complex set of product features to highlight, so a comprehensive and flexible suite of display solutions were key to storytelling and engagement.




Combining displays from our previously developed SIS toolkit with new units focused more on education and engaging display space we were able to keep a consistent Masterbrand aesthetic while clearly elevating sub brand propositions.

We strategically deployed digital displays to elevate focal product ranges and the pinnacle execution of this involved 3 fully interactive ‘lift and learn’ displays to trigger related content on demand.

Positive Feedback.


Feedback during and after the show has been overwhelmingly positive from both Pure Fishing team members and retailers invited to the event. This show has by all accounts, set a benchmark for product launch moving forwards and Pure Fishing are certainly a step ahead of their competition as we look forwards to 2023.

Retailer quote

"I’ve been to every fishing trade show you could attend in my 25 years in this industry, and this one was by far the best because of the professional merchandising. We understood the product more therefore my order with Pure Fishing this year will be much bigger. "

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