Pure Fishing

A New Angle. 

4x Flagship Shop in Shops.


Pure Fishing is a collection of the worlds best fishing brands who focus on the needs of modern anglers across the globe.  They focus on innovation and technology and their reputation sets them apart.  The growth in their brands ensure every demographic of angler has their unique fishing needs met.



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Flexible SIS System.

They approached us to look at a scalable shop in shop system which could be utilised across Abu Garcia, Penn and Berkley brands highlighting their unique brand identities but would also tie them together under the Pure Fishing brand. The system needed to have elements with ‘wow’ factor whilst ensuring complete flexibility for graphic and product updates.

Standout Design.

Having initially created a look and feel which could be rolled out we were asked to develop and produce flagship shop in shop areas and create bespoke spaces in a couple of key retailers in Germany and Denmark.


X4 SIS Areas



These stores will be piloted as prototype stores and test the functionality of the concept. The spaces are excellent with one store having 4 individual Shop in shop areas of 5x6m each which have been split across the three sub-brands.


Water Display.


We have paid particular attention to the design features which include lifestyle graphics and digital brand stories, clever use of lighting to highlight product, key educational graphics and a water-based hero unit which highlights reels and provides movement and context to the area.



This SIS perfectly captured the technology and innovative nature of the brands whilst distinctly highlighting each brands difference and giving the consumer a well-rounded brand experience. Once the prototype stores have been measured for success, we will be looking to create a ‘retail playbook’ to allow retailers across the globe to order a multitude of flexible fixtures and help Pure Fishing establish a consistent brand identity across Europe and beyond!