The Gold Standard.

Pop-up display


When it comes to quality, Solgar is The Gold Standard. With more than 300 products that bear the hallmark of the gold label and trusted by millions of consumers worldwide, the brand fit in perfectly at the prestigious John Bell & Croydon Pharmacy and they chose ISI Global to help them execute their in-store presence.

Solgar_Hero - Pop-up Display

75th Anniversary.

Positioned at the entrance of the central London pharmacy, Solgar’s latest brand introduction is a pop-up area designed to promote their beauty supplement offering, while celebrating the brands 75th anniversary. To help the brand mark this great milestone we created a disruptive space which focuses on 4 key products and offers a deeper insight into the key nutritional benefits.

Luxury Feel.

With White and Gold being the main colour palette, the pop up definitely has a clinical, yet luxury feel and by layering in some natural elements such as the use of light wood flooring and the greenery of the living wall, the entire look and feel of the display came together perfectly.

Slot 2_2

Infromative & Engaging.


As with any small space, the challenge is to create a visually attractive area that’s also informative and engaging.


Guiding Light.


We achieved this by adding illumination to the stand in the form of multiple graphic lightboxes and also included a large portrait digital screen with looping product content delving deeper in to product benefits and brand ethos.



Not only does this pop-up work as a great space for Solgar reps to interact with consumers and hold skin consultations during the month it’s installed, but the area utilises a modular display kit which can be deconstructed and reformatted for different events in the future.


Designer quote

"We worked alongside Solgar to establish a clear brand identity and went one step further with some clever design and development ideas, we were able to provide them with a kit that will last years."

Matt Hardman - ISI Global