Only music.


To showcase the brands new WF-1000M3 Truly wireless headphones, Sony commissioned ISI Global to work on a high-profile refresh programme which involved designing a new modular kit to incorporate the new product launch seamlessly within an existing display.

Sony Hero_v2

Exceptional Sound

Sony’s new WF-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones are not only designed to produce exceptional sound with distractions and background noise being a thing of the past, but they are wireless too giving hour upon hour of pure listening freedom meaning the outside world can be put on hold while the listener immerses themselves in ‘Only music. Nothing else’.


noise cancellation

In order to demonstrate the new product features and maintain the quality associated with Sony’s reputable offering the displays needed to be of high standard and finished with a premium solid surface.  They also needed to follow the same layout of the smaller update kits that ISI Global previously designed, developed and produced for the brand. The design included illuminated elements meaning that the back panel and logo have standout next to other units.


Quality brand.

A mirrored base was strategically placed within the display to draw attention to some of the products understated design features such as the elegant curved edges of the charging case with its tactile, high-end finish and the reverse side of the earbuds, with their minimalist clean style.

Roll out

700+ units

Best in Class

Overall the project was a great success. It ran extremely well with the delivery adhering to strict deadlines and the units being well received by various retailers across EMEA. Furthermore, Sony Tokyo recognised ISI as ‘best in class’ for the quality of the 700 displays that were produced.

ISI Global

"Material selection was prominent in this project and clever use of opal acrylic and mirrors helped consumers view these display units from all angles. "

Account Director