Maxi Muscle
Branded Space.

IMG_2368 copy

New concept store.

We partnered with Maxi Muscle on a shop in shop area within Asda’s new concept store at Wigan.

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Store Format.

The new and engaging store format improves customer journey and offers easy navigation by breaking up the standard big box feel in favour of mini shop in shops.  This is currently being rolled out across the UK.

QR Codes.

For the space we utilised the Maxi Muscle strong imagery and messaging and the challenge was to display the entire product range whilst implementing hotspots for communication and brand call outs.  We focused on education through a series of QR code technology allowing customers to interface with their mobile and communicate with them at fixture or as a takeaway.

Clothing FSU.

We also introduced an FSU to display the clothing range which is the first time this range has been sold offline.

This was the first of 5 stores which will be updated with the new Maxi Muscle shop in shop concept.