Our Expertise

Window displays.

ISI Global, being passionate about brand elevation, are aware of just how compelling a unique and impactful window display can be. Window displays offer brands the chance to visually demonstrate their personality, products and services to the world in a creative, imaginative way. Having created many impressive window displays for clients over the years, we understand how these street-facing displays can be used to paint the perfect picture of a brand and grab the attention of passers-by to dramatically increase foot traffic in-store.

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Over the years we have collaborated with Fujifilm to design, develop, and produce many of their tech window displays for Harrods. Each display that ISI has worked on has been created with a completely different look and feel to encapsulate the product aesthetic and target a specific audience.


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We partner with Brooks on many of their campaign launches, providing our creative expertise to design vibrant and impactful retail solutions, whether that be on POS, full store takeovers or store window displays.

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