New decade. 
New Zanussi.

EMEA POP Exhibition


After completing an extensive brand refresh, Zanussi approached ISI Global to translate their new look and feel at the Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom (KBB) exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC. Great emphasis was put on the importance of this exhibition as an introduction to what the brand had been working hard on behind the scenes.


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Affordable quality.

Targeting Millennials.


Zanussi recently overhauled their brand look and feel to target the millennial shopper, a slightly younger tech savvy audience who look for great design and functionality at an affordable price point. The brand uses yellow as a dominant and powerful focal colour to bring their simple, fun graphical statements to life. An ethos is underpinned by the statement ‘Life Made Simple.’

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Impactful & inviting.


Working with the newly outlined brand guidelines we were able to translate the themes we found into an impactful and inviting exhibition space. Starting from the outside, it was decided that we should connect with the primary traffic flow across the stand frontage with a statement concept store style shop window. Bringing into focus a hero product within the range and punctuating it with stylised pendant lighting and homely props.

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Visitor experience.



The journey then took the visitor via a brief history timeline piece into a fully-fledged Zanussi style open plan kitchen/diner setting. Brand experts were able to demonstrate the key product ranging that sat within the space and then conduct meetings in the adjacent table/seating area. As an offshoot to this more focused experiential area, visitors were then invited to explore the rest of Zanussi’s line up upon simple segmented presentation podiums, supported by striking graphics holding clear category statements and detailed product info.


Strong brand identity.



Zanussi’s vibrant yellow colour scheme, partnered with ISI’s strategic use of space, did not fail to impress. Other brands had gone for more muted, ‘on trend’ colour palettes for their stands, resulting in the Zanussi brand having complete stand out in comparison, which proved very inviting for commercial and independent visitors.

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"Thank you to ISI Global, the design was a fantastic way to bring our renewed brand identity and new product range to life"

Consumer Marketing Manager - Electrolux UK
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