Baby Jogger 
SIS system.


Large-scale launch.

We were asked by Baby jogger to design, develop and manufacture a full suite of retail furniture to refresh existing displays, marking the first large-scale launch for the brand and to create a greater level of stand out across retailers.

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Strong brand values.

Based on the belief that life is about adventure and that starting a family should add to the adventure, Baby Jogger’s product range has been designed with effortless functionality in mind. Passionate about supporting and empowering new parents to get out and explore the world, it was important for their retail presence to reflect this core message.

The modular shop-in-shop system is diverse and flexible in design, adapting to suit any store environment and working in isolation or as a larger system. We included relatable lifestyle imagery to evoke an emotive response and grab attention.

Building brand awareness.

The system had to be impactful, as providing high-visibility and stopping power was one way of meeting Baby Jogger’s objective to increase brand awareness across European markets.

It also needed to support customer interaction & engagement to further product insight. By engineering the use of tilted ramps, we enabled the product to be easily tested in store and the incorporation of updateable graphics meant the design was futureproof, providing both a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for the brand.


End to end service.

ISI Global were not only responsible for the creation of Baby Jogger’s new adaptable SIS system in regards to the look and feel, but we supported the brand right through to installation. Manufactured using lightweight materials suitable for a one person install, providing store instructions and using our multinational distribution links all helped the process and resulted in efficient deployment across Europe.

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